28 June 2016

Custom banking mobile alerts

Now this is new. If your bank does not support alerts for your banking transactions don't worry. Notifi from Fitserv is here to deliver real-time alerts for retail and SME bank customers. Well... it is not actually here. Your bank still needs to go to those guys and offer it. However, what it is exciting for me at this point, is that this is a preview to the future when we are all going to be able to connect our bank accounts to our smartphones with no waiting period for our bank's app to support it. Yes it is coming to Europe and it is called PSD2, a directive that will oblige the banks to grand (upon customer's authorization) access to their bank accounts to third parties. Also what is exciting, is that those guys found a market niche by "selling" alerts. Not anything else. Alerts! Anyhow, if you are interested more, you may click here and watch a video for notifi.


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