Me Myself And I

I was born on Jan. 2, 1971 in Volos, a beautiful town in central Greece. Volos is a port, build in the most northern point of Pagasetic Gulf and at the foot of mount Pelion, the home of the Centaurs. During my youth, I got my first home computer, a ZX Spectrurm. I first saw one, at the store of my aunt, a Greek football betting place (προποτζίδικο for the Greeks!), were a software from a Greek mathematician was used to calculate and print all the possible scenarios, for the customers to bet on football games. (yes this is they way it was done in the 80s). I was trying to understand how this was done, and more over how this technology was available to people like me. I thought only CIA would have it... That was my first experience with algorithms! Apparently I studied computer science, but Volos is a beautiful place and at the age of 22 I was quite happy being there, working for a local bank. A seminar in Athens at the head offices of the bank was the next milestone in my life. I understood what the everyday life of a business analysts looked like. (ok... to be fair it was like a demo and not real life but it was quite closer than other demos) and from then on, I just wanted to be one of those guys that try to understand problems and give solutions. For the rest of my professional life you can check my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to connect! As for the rest, I really like going to the cinemas, reading books, playing tennis, traveling and going to nice restaurants with friends. Oh, I forgot, I also like writing short stories... once got published! :)


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